Welcome to EricJFisher.com, this site is intended to act as a map/landing page/directory for the various projects I'm working on. This includes my github, social networks, personal blog, etc.

About Me

I am a developer, gamer, instructor, and more. I'm the content author with Pluralsight responsible for interactive .NET courses, projects, and labs. I worked in software development for just over a decade before I started creating content with Pluralsight.

I believe strongly an always striving to do better. As I see it each day ends with one of two potential outcomes, I've improved or I've regressed, there is no "stayed the same". This is a mindset I apply to almost everything in my life to my personal life, politics, philosophy, software development, education, etc.

My Mission

Make the world a better place. I believe the best way to accomplish this is through education. As I see it, humanity's single greatest strength is our ability to share and consume information. It's my opinion, the greater humanity's collective knowledge the better able we are to solving any problem we face. I also believe most of the issues we as a society are struggling with are a result of ignorance.

Webpage layout

What's with this weird layout? I wanted to challenge myself to make something unusual for my personal website. So I decided to make my website mimic Visual Studio Code a tool used by some software developers. It's a developer thing just roll with it...